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Ki" (pronounced KEY) refers to Life Force Energy, a non-physical element that animates all living things. When KI is flowing freely our lives are enriched with good health and wellness. When our KI is blocked it manifests as pain and discomfort.

Ki Health and Wellness  was Founded in 2012 by Kaz Merfield, a Reiki Master and Registered Massage Therapist who believes healing starts from the inside out.

The mission at Ki Health and Wellness is to provide personalized, high-quality holistic care that encompasses all aspects of the mind-body alignment. Healing must start from a cellular level and at Ki Health and Wellness we provide a variety of therapies that help heal from head to toe, inside and out.

By providing our clients with detailed information about their health and wellness concerns, our therapists are able to work  with them to attain their wellness goal through the magic of holistic healing treatments.


Meet the team

Kaz Merfield


Reiki Master

Meditation Coach

Kaz Merfield is an award-winning Reiki Master and Registered Massage Therapist licensed by CMTO in the province of Ontario.

By using her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and combining her gift of therapeutic touch, each client experiences an incredibly unique and personalized treatment session.

Understanding that healing starts from within, Kaz also teaches  monthly guided meditation classes. Each script is hand written, with a strong focus on emotional clearing and realignment.

Most recently, Kaz has obtained a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science, certification in Hypnosis and Regression Therapy, and additional schooling in Understanding Human Emotions. Each new certification adding to her tool kit of emotional and mental health therapies. These new additions complete the circle of Mind, Body, and Soul healing.


Leanne McCurdy


Leanne is a graduate of Footsteps Reflexology, training under British Instructor, Sharon Young. She obtained her Certified Reflexologist certificate in 2017.  Shortly after that she completed her Indian Head Massage certificate, under the same instructor. Since then Leanne has seen and treated many clients for various reasons with great results. "I love seeing how good my clients feel after their treatments, being able to connect with clients and share my passion for healing with others is very rewarding"

Hand Massage

Ranika Dalzell


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