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"It had been a long time since I had a massage because I had a bad experience with one a long time ago where the Therapist did it way to hard and it just about killed me but I was in pretty bad shape with my shoulders and neck so I decided to book with Kaz. She was amazing! I felt way way better it was just the right amount of pressure and I even slept better at night! She even went the extra mile and showed me a bunch of exercises to do in between visits to help my progression. Don't hesitate to book with her it is the best move you'll make, she really has renewed my faith in RMT's."

- Ryan E

"I suffered an injury at work resulting in a loss of mobility to my right arm and shoulder. Since receiving treatments from Kaz, I have full use of my arm again and no longer require medication to manage my pain. I highly recommend Kaz."

- Doug N


"I suffered from chronic upper back and neck pain for years. I began seeing Kaz for treatments and not only did she relieve my pain, she taught me stretches and exercises that have allowed me to be pain free for the first time in years. I am so grateful to Kaz and highly recommend her."

- Emily C

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