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What is Distance Healing?

We are not just physical bodies, we are also made up of an energy body consisting of the aura (energy fields); the chakras (energy centres) and the meridians (energy pathways).

For our physical body we must ingest food and water for nourishment and energy, our energetic body does the same by absorbing energy from around us. The chakras then break it down, and the meridians carry it throughout the body to provide much needed energy to systems, organs and individual cells.

Distance healing allows a highly trained reiki practitioner to assess a person's energetic system and provide healing in areas that require work to be done. As energy is not limited by physical location, a practitioner can perform a healing session without needing the client to be present. Distance healing can be done to anyone, anywhere, at any time, with practitioner and client consent, you are not required to come to the clinic for this session.

How Does a Distance Healing Session Work?

Energy is in and all around us. It does not follow the same rules regarding space and time as physical beings do. In the same way you experience feelings of love for someone, even when they are oceans apart form you, energy works the same way.  An experienced Reiki Practitioner has been specially attuned to work with energy and can provide a healing session to a client, without the need for them to be physically present. 

Life Force Energy flows in and around every living being. We require energy to live. Low energy causes  symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and can often manifest as physical pain. Reiki is a century old healing practice using high vibrational energy waves from around us and transmitting it through the practitioners hands into the client to help boost the natural energetic system, removing blockages, alleviating physical pain and emotional suffering. Distance healing is performed much in the same way, only the client is not required to be present. The client and practitioner agree on a date and time for the healing session to take place and at that time the practitioner tunes in to the clients energy and vibration and performs and assessment. Once their assessment is done they can determine which areas are in need of healing and thus sends healing energy to those areas. The client does not need to do anything different, in fact they can continue on with their daily routine if they so wish, though it is advised that they take that time to rest and focus on receiving the healing intentions from the practitioner.

Once the session is over the client sends payment to the practitioner in the form of an e-transfer and the practitioner sends a report of any finds they interpreted during the distance healing session.

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What Is The Cost Per Session?


60 min. $85.00 (HST included)

Session includes an emailed report (upon payment) detailing the practitioners findings.

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